« Expanding Cinema » avec Shane Hood et Michael Scroggins

Sixième séance du cycle de séminaires consacrés aux outils et création cinématographique, organisé par Bérénice Bonhomme, M.C.F à l’ESAV, membre du LARA - SEPPIA (EA 4154).

Expanding Cinema avec Shane Hood et Michael Scroggins.

Cinema has grown from its roots in animated optical toys into an art form encompassing and expanding upon all previous art forms —without negating the inherent power of those forms. 

The technical roots of cinematic art continue to advance, and the current expansion into 360º spherical photography and volumetric computer graphics open up new opportunities for artists. 

We will discuss the historical drive to create immersive experiences, and how the enhanced sense of depth that Wheatstone’s 1838 discovery of the role that binocular vision plays in stereopsis impacts the current era of moving image work.

SHAYNE HOOD began working in the animation industry in 1988. She currently teaches Introduction to Experimental Animation and Animation Workshop at Los Angeles Mission College. She is the author of « The Original Let’s Animate ! » (chosen 2008 Homeschool.com Educational Gift Award) and « Jeremy Can’t Drink Milk » (based on her film by the same name, presented at both the China 1st International Animation Festival and Taiwan International Animation Festival). Shayne co-founded This Is Good Studios, producing professional animation and illustration, while continuing to work on independent films such as I, Don Quixote.

MICHAEL SCROGGINS received his MFA from CalArts where he has been a member of the faculty since 1978. His work in absolute animation performance has been widely exhibited internationally, including screenings at the Centre George Pompidou, Paris ; Union of Filmmakers, Moscow ; Seibu Ginza, Tokyo ; and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles. In 1992 he received a grant from the Banff Centre for the Arts to produce a VR work, “Topological Slide", which premiered in 1994 at The Fourth International Conference on Cyberspace. His ongoing research into the potential of gesture capture in creating realtime absolute animation in immersive VR has led to the development of the visual instrument, “Anaphorium”, which is scheduled for public release in Q4 2018.

Jeudi 21 juin 2018. 9h30/12h30. ENSAV. Salle Arts du Spectacle.